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Overcoming Overwhelm

Are you keeping up with the fast-paced changes in today’s hectic world? Whether you are working full-time, going to school or retired, there seems to be no time to catch up with all the changes and events. It is easy to feel overwhelmed.
When we can’t quite keep up, we get anxious, we try harder and we don’t find the time to really process those life events that affect us. Many people had to process illness in themselves or others, the death of a loved one or a divorce. Even getting a bad evaluation at work or at school can throw you into panic.
We need to take time to process. There are many ways of letting off steam—reducing the strong negative feelings. What has been found effective is dealing with emotions in ways that reduces their intensity, even eliminating them, is knowing that there are ways and answers out there.
You may need help from a professional to let go of ineffective habits for a while. It’s ok to ask for help. We all need help here and there. Yet, we feel we can’t stop long enough to realize that help is available when we are overwhelmed. We may need help to learn more effective ways and we can adopt them to return the healing power back to ourselves.
The body is a marvelous tool, and we can learn how to regulate it better. We can be free of overwhelming, negative emotions by being in touch with what is going on within us. There is a natural energy system functioning in the body, and we can pay attention to it.
A spiritual outlook can help us believe in higher guidance to help us move forward in positive ways. Look for a positive change by asking for help. Anyone can learn to enjoy a peaceful approach to change. Are you willing to find solutions?

Maria Kingsley is an EFT Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Counselor. Connect at 520-780-0170, [email protected] or

MARIA KINGSLEY  EFT Practitioner Certified Hypnotherapist - NA Tucson AZ

MARIA KINGSLEY, EFT Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist

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