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Psychedelics and the Float Tank

One branch of plant medicine is that of psychedelics, which have been shown to be helpful for many issues. Most people are familiar with LSD, but there are natural psychedelic drugs that can induce very healing, life-changing experiences, such as Ayahuasca or Ibogaine. For those who do not wish to use drugs or plant medicine, or who can’t for health reasons, similar benefits could be gleaned from flotation therapy.

Popular podcaster and author Tim Ferriss discussed these ideas on episode 104 of The Tim Ferriss Show, “Are Psychedelic Drugs the Next Medical Breakthrough?” In the episode he talks with Dr. Martin Polanco, MD, founder and program director of Crossroads Treatment Center, based in Rosarito, Mexico (which uses Ibogaine to help addicts), and Dr. Dan Engle, MD, a psychiatrist and neurologist who combines functional medicine with integrative psychiatry to enhance regenerative health and peak performance.

Engle brings up the flotation tank and its importance in not only preparing people who have never done a psychedelic, for a plant medicine ceremony and experience—but perhaps even replacing the plant medicine experience with floating for those who cannot partake of a ceremony or treatment.

“I’m just about as excited about flotation therapy as I am about psychedelics,” says Engle. “Not everyone is going to do psychedelics, and it’s not in everyone’s best interest to do psychedelics.” Ferriss later says, “If you can’t handle a flotation tank, you aren’t ready to be strapped to a rocket ship you can’t turn off.”

It is also recommended to get in a float tank after a transformation experience, with the intention of integrating the experience through the mind, body and spirit. People who use a float tank for the sole purpose of integration are seeing outstanding results.

Kalyn Wolf is one of the most experienced people in the Southwest for Flotation Therapy. She has been floating since 1985 and in  the business of Float Therapy and other healing modalities since 1986. Her center, Cloud Nine Flotation, serves many communities in Tucson and beyond. Connect at 520-668-4017,  [email protected] or See ad, page 34.

Kalyn Wolf

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