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Basic Skin Care for Beginners

Apr 30, 2022 12:00PM ● By Patricia Turney
Do you have a basic skin care routine? It is never too late to see changes in our skin and this is the best place to start. Taking care of our skin is like diet and exercise—it takes consistency, patience and, of course, a good and appropriate treatment line. Here are some basic steps for daily care, ideally done twice per day (except exfoliating).

Always go to bed with clean skin and effective products on. When our body is at rest, our skin is in repair mode and will take advantage of what is on our skin and what it is absorbing. Ideally, use toner to rebalance the pH and prepare skin for the next products in the evening. In the morning, just use it to refresh and skip the cleanse. Make sure it is alcohol-free.

Vitamin serum
This is important because it is the anti-aging part of treatment. It helps to neutralize  environmental damages (sun, water, air pollution, etc.) which will age our skin, especially here in Arizona. A vitamin serum will help to slow down that process. Serums with vitamins C
and A are common, but there are actually many different vitamins that can be used topically. Many work synergistically, so combinations are always good to use together. They should always be used in serum form. The air in creams will oxidize the vitamins very quickly; in other words, they are not there anymore.

Use an AM or PM moisturizer for the face, neck and chest area. Always use something made specifically for the eye area.

Exfoliate once a day with something gentle made especially for daily use. After the age of 20, do not use any brushes or scrubs. More is not better when it comes to exfoliating. Try a daily alpha hydroxy and, ideally, lactic because it’s also hydrating.

Every day. Period. Wear at least 40 SPF. Remember, a vitamin serum will help bump this up.
Additionally, to see really great changes, add a peptide serum or two. These are essential building blocks to strengthening collagen and for repairing all aspects of our skin, helping hold hydration and more.

Patricia Turney has been helping people feel better about their skin for the past 23 years. Patricia Turney Esthetics is located at 2504 E. River Rd., in Tucson. Connect at 520-247-3535 or See ad, page 9.

Patricia Turney Esthetics - 2504 E River Rd located inside E Dental Solutions Tucson AZ

Patricia Turney Esthetics - 2504 E River Rd, located inside E Dental Solutions, Tucson, AZ

Licensed esthetician Patricia Turney holds 25 yrs of experience in the esthetics and cosmetology field. Specializing in non-invasive anti aging and adult/teenage acne. Utilizing unique an... Read More » 

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