January 2014

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MotionXTraining Provides Total Body Fitness for 2014

TRX training uses suspensiontraining concepts to provide a total body workout that is fit to accomplish health and wellness.

Holistic Medicine in the New Affordable Care Act Era

The Affordable Care Act offers the opportunity to shift American health care from disease treatment to prevention.

Seeking Solutions for Brain Disorders

Her focus is on complex treatment planning for patients with brain injury, spinal cord injury and neurodegenerative conditions.

A Fresh Look at New Year’s Resolutions

Only about 12 percent of people experience long-term success with their New Year’s goals.

Everyone Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

By removing this nervous system interference, chiropractic facilitates the highest level of health possible.

Heal Soft Tissue Injuries Naturally

Arnica montana is an herb that may assist the healing process by breaking up micro clots in damaged tissues through enzymatic action.

Feel Good Finally with the Genesis Right Detox

The theme of the Body and Sol Women’s Expo to be held from March 7 to 9 is, “Begin with Yes!”

Practitioners Needed at Caritas Center

Caritas Center for Healing has recently expanded.

Resolve to Lose Weight in 2014

Obesity is at an alltime high in America and many insurance rates are tied to body mass index..

New Pastors at United Fellowship Chapel

The United Fellowship Chapel has introduced two new co-pastors, Rev. Diana Ohodnicki and Rev. Susan Wright.

Huge Gem Show with Singing Bowls

This magnificent energetic oasis will be offering a dazzling assortment of high-frequency alchemy crystal singing bowls.

New Book Proposes a New World Order

A new author believes that self-interest lobbyist groups are presently dominating our government’s decisions.